State of the Village Annual Report

“I am so very proud of all the work that has been poured into this organization. I am beyond words with the connections and friendships that have formed essentially by strangers.

It takes a massive amount of time, manpower and perseverance to build what we are attempting to build and that’s in addition to maintaining the properties that we have.

I work on it daily because it matters. You matter. Our neighbors matter. Our community matters.

Come connect with us.”

– Aislinn Maldonado, VVCC President

The strategic focus of the year was on infrastructure, building awareness and connectivity. Read the full report here.

Properties Infrastructure

  • Community Hall: all the locks changed, keys tracked.
  • Pool repair work: deck & pool bottom refurbish, mural addition, solar blanket that made pool more comfortable by 7-8 degrees & extended the season to Labor Day weekend.
  • Pond: maintenance of pump and grounds, removal of all domesticated ducks, secured a 3-year extension for water from the Cottonwood Ditch Association.
  • Trash service: Instead of transporting trash, Taylor Waste now services the pond, the nature preserve as well as a dumpster placed at the Community Center.
  • Phone: kept the original telephone number but transferred to Google Voice to record call activity and allow multiple people to answer the incoming calls.
  • Internet: new modem with increased speed, switched companies to service the entire Community area including pool and residence.

Organization’s Infrastructure

  • Governance: Articles of Incorporation revisions were approved at the July General Meeting. The revised Bylaws will be voted on in April at a Special Meeting. A special committee reviewed the Articles & Bylaws and proposed streamlining the Articles and adding more detail to the Bylaws to better describe operations. The Membership must vote on them.
  • The Board: up to 14 volunteer members meet monthly (and more,) plus special committee meetings.
  • Additional Volunteers: more than 2 dozen.
  • General Meetings: continued monthly, promoted themes for gathering community.
  • Google Workspace: all executive & team work is sharable and visible to communicate efficiently and keep records digitally
  • Event bookings: lowered the price to be competitive, numbers have steadily increased.
  • Switch from Caretaker to all Volunteer caretaking: now rent out the onsite apartment to bring a positive balance sheet. (Summertime caretaking was from a couple living in an RV)

Build Awareness

  • “Blue Road Signs” directing to the Community Center: addition of holders for posters advertising upcoming events.
  • Press releases: both major papers in the Verde Valley, local radio announcements, events websites.
  • Internet: a monthly email Newsletter, renovated Facebook page and group, NextDoor Group, constant website updates.
  • Free Library: (on the steps just outside of the Ranch Room) printed copies of newsletters and brochure available.
  • Greater Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce: membership, ribbon cutting event, events advertised.


  • Relationships: within our County Supervisor’s office, the County Sheriff’s Office, the local Fire Department and at least a half a dozen other County departments. (Yavapai County looks to VVCC for input from this part of the county)
  • Membership: all-time low at 274 current memberships. The focus has been on developing alternative revenue streams and building business to business partnerships rather than relying on the community for support while we were making so many changes. This was intentional as we need members to support who we are and not what we were as an organization.
  • Promotional information bags: 500 handed out to introduce who we are and how to get connected with us.
  • Chamber of Commerce: network to meet new business partners.
  • Community Events: including Easter Egg hunt, the Grand Re-opening/Luau day, summer Bingo, Talent Show, Trunk or Treat at the Pond.