Community Planning/Survey

Final Survey Results

Next steps: We are still looking for more volunteers to work on the Vision Document.

The next step to complete is addressing the individual areas that Yavapai County outlined for the development of the 2032 Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan. These include:

  1. Community Character
  2. Land Use and Growth Areas
  3. Transportation (roads, bridges, transit and trails)
  4. Open Spaces
  5. Recreation
  6. Water Resources
  7. Energy
  8. Environment
  9. Development

Please call us and leave a message at 928-646-6505 or send an email to [email protected]

Highlights from January…

The VVPOA Community Survey is wrapping up and here’s what we found.  Of the 233 residents that replied:

94% are full-time residents with 90% being owners

50% of those are retired and live with a spouse. 

50% have lived here for one to ten years and 25% have lived here 11 to 20 years

The most important concerns were:

Keep open space/wildlife/natural environment

Keep small town feel

More shopping and restaurants

County enforcement of codes and restrictions

Residents feel that the areas that need most improvement are:





What residents like most about living in the Verde Villages:

Small town, friendly feel to the community

Access to the river

Beauty – nature, dark skies, rural setting, quiet

VVPOA pool and activities

Improvements suggested by residents:

Affordable housing

More family friendly attractions; movies, bowling, parks

Clean up properties

Restrictions on development

The survey results will be turned over to Yavapai County to add to the Comprehensive Ten Year Plan.  Thank you for helping up report this important information to our representatives.  Questions? Send to VVPOA newsletter.

Verde Villages Call for Community Support

In conjunction with Yavapai County’s Comprehensive Plan Update, the Verde Village Property Owners Association is developing an official Vision Statement and Community Plan.

 “Unincorporated parts of the county, such as the Verde Villages, do not have funding or staff to undertake the work necessary for our Community Vision Statement and Community Plan. But we do have time, treasure, and extraordinarily capable and directly relevant talent in this community. Our community needs the involvement of residents – NOW.” Says Patti Greeneltch, President of Verde Village Property Owners Association. 

The County’s Comprehensive 10- Year Plan will be formally adopted in 2023. The goal for developing the Verde Villages Community Plan is November 2021 adoption.

An ad hoc committee is being formed to undertake the task of creating a community-specific survey to submit to the county.  This survey will provide information for a Community Vision Statement that articulates the needs of the residents.  The areas to be addressed are land use, transportation, environmental, water resources, open space, energy, cost of development, growth areas, parks and recreation, business and economics.

For the Verde Villages to be represented at a county level, members of the community need to help this committee through this process.  The first task will be to develop and distribute a survey that brings the concerns of the residents forward.  Village of Oak Creek, Cornville Community Association and Beaver Creek Community have already surveyed their communities and are moving through the steps to be heard at the County level.

This is an opportunity for the Verde Village residents to have a voice and involvement in this community. For more information visit, or call 928-646-6505.