Advertising Partners

We are all about Neighbors Connecting with Neighbors . . .

which includes connecting with local businesses too!

This program allows local businesses to display a 2×4 ft banner for their business at the VVCC Clubhouse located at 4855 E Broken Saddle Dr.

  • An additional digital banner graphic including an embedded hyperlink will be displayed on website
  • Your $250 payment includes the cost of printing the banner
  • We reserve the right to limit similar businesses to no more than 10% of total ad space available. (Currently 3 maximum of any one type of business)
  • Contracts expire March 31, 2025
  • Current Ad Space holders will be given the option to RENEW prior to selling slots for the following fiscal year March 1, 2025 – February 28, 2026 

QUESTIONS? Email Aislinn at [email protected]

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Local Business Partners