Meet our Board

VVPOA is made up of Volunteer Executive Committee Members, Unit Directors and Five Members at Large.

VVPOA Executive Committee Members, Unit Directors and Members at Large 

NamePosition Bio
Patti GreeneltchPresident

Patti Greeneltch and her husband, Ned moved to Verde Village Unit #4 in 2004.  As an educator, she worked at several schools in the Verde Valley. Retiring in 2016, she spent some time traveling and birding.  Her two favorite activities.  She became interested in the status of the VVPOA Pond when it became apparent there was a duck and insect problem. Volunteering to work there led to other openings within our community that needed attention.  She is committed to making the Verde Villages a great place to live and encourages everyone to become involved.
Daisie FerrettiVice President

Daisie and her husband, Ross, retired and moved to the Verde Villages, Unit #4, in 2020. Daisie serves as Vice President on the Executive committee where she assists with website and social media support, personal relations and communications. Daisie enjoys using her computer background knowledge to contribute to the association. Besides helping her community, Daisie enjoys the outdoors where she can often be found riding her bike in the Villages, walking on the Nature Preserve Trails, or spending time gardening. She finds the Verde Villages to be friendly and a great place to live. You can contact Daisie at
Gwendolyn KielblockVice President
Ross FerrettiTreasurer

Ross and his wife, Daisie, have owned their home in the Verde Villages since 2019.  Ross retired as of 08/31/21 and both Ross and Daisie moved here permanently in Sept 2020.  Ross serves as the Treasurer for the VVPOA and has 30+ years of accounting experience.  Ross graduated from National University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree.  Ross likes to bike, hike, fishing and exploring the Verde Villages and surrounding areas.  Ross enjoys being an active community member in the Verde Villages and can be found exploring the Verde Village Nature trails and riding his bike in the Verde Villages.  Ross can be contacted at 
Peggy BarksdaleSecretary

Since 2007 my husband and I have been “Verde Villagers” (VV).  We originally came from Indiana – born & raised Hoosiers.  We became interested in the POA following our first spaghetti dinner at the Clubhouse.  Coming from a homeowners association with mandatory dues in the 4-digits, we found membership as an important effort to keep any activities going in VV especially those spaghetti dinners. We also had hopes the pool would open.  I wanted to help in the kitchen.  Eventually I was asked to be the secretary, after my husband was treasurer.  As I look at where VVPOA was and where it is now shows “growing amazement”. Today’s Board members, unit directors, pool monitors, bingo helpers and riparian workers had made such an impact. Please understand to “do more” this association needs all kinds of volunteers and funding. The pandemic did not discourage POA workings as highway pick-up, pond cleanup, dinners became take-outs, and meetings that followed the virus restrictions.  Opening bingo, that was an accomplishment. Here is a bingo setup right in the neighborhood, no need to drive far away and enjoy winning along fellow neighbors. My time, as anyone’s hours are ‘at my call’.  The group of individuals that have been assisting all these happenings are marvelous. All of us want to welcome more Verde Villagers to join us. You’ll be given our open arms greeting be young, working, or retired. You will make a difference and further growth of what can be offered here in your neighborhood.  
VacantDirector Unit 1 
Gary BartoDirector Unit 2 

Gary is Unit director for Unit #2. Gary has lived in Verde Village since 2012. Gary joined VVPOA in 2012. Gary own 4 rental properties in Unit 2. After high school joined the US Navy. After USN work several years for the local telephone company. At the Bell System break-up in 1984, Gary opened his own business, selling, installing and maintaining business telephone systems. He sold telephone business in 1999 and went into fulltime Christian mission work with Operation Mobilization in 2001. He worked on one of “OM’s” oceangoing mission ships, as an electrician until they sold it the ship in 2010. He also worked for the new ship’s owner until 2012 and work as a volunteer for Verde Valley Care Givers until present time. You can reach Gary at (928) 399-9671 or by email at
Cathy FoleyDirector Unit 3
Dave AllenDirector Unit 4 
Dave Allen was raised in the New York City area and earned degrees in Engineering and Business Administration. He practiced Electrical Engineering for forty years in New Jersey, California, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He retired in 2009 and moved from New Hampshire to Cottonwood in 2010. Dave enjoys Cottonwood for its nice weather and its small town easy life.
Joan OttersonDirector Unit 5 
Krys VoglerAssistant Unit 5 
Mal OttersonDirector Unit 6 
Paul ColemenDirector Unit 8Hi my name is Donald Coleman, my friends call me Paul.  I have 3 adult children, and while they are all 3 quite different, I am very proud of each of them.  I have been married for the last 7 years and we are enjoying our retirement. While working I served 26 years in Special Education as a teacher and program director, primarily with students with behavior disorders. My experience also includes five years teaching in prison. I finished my career as a college professor in teacher education programs and college counselor with adult with disabilities. I have two Masters Degrees in Education and a Reading Specialist Certificate. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education/Social Studies and an Associate Degree in Juvenile Justice. Since retirement I have started a home tutoring program, Cottonwood Tutoring, specializing in helping students with disabilities and behavior issues. I have written two books, horror, my favorite genre, and a horror stage play. I also have five children’s books and one Easter stage play for kids. I am presently writing a third book, The Bell. My hobbies include swimming, biking, and pickle ball. My wife and I travel extensively throughout the year, including Ireland, Bali, Virgin Islands, Western Canada and the Redwoods. I hope to spend next winter on a Caribbean Island and next summer in Stockholm. I am a child of the 1960’s and yearn for those days of enlightenment again. My idea of a great night is sitting in a dark room, with only candle light, watching a horror movie.
My greatest wish for our future is we all decide to take great care of our beautiful earth.
VacantMember at Large
Kathleen GreenMember at Large
My name is Kathleen Green and this is my second year as Membership Chair.  My husband and I moved to Verde Village about 4 years ago, after retiring from careers in the Phoenix Valley.  The Verde Valley was the perfect choice for us.  But we didn’t know anyone here, so I joined as a volunteer for the birding festival, and then from there, met some VVPOA residents and board members who got me involved on the VVPOA Board! 
Since that time, my husband and I helped restore the Adobe Clubhouse, put on the first VVPOA High Tea, helped organize the Halloween drive-through during COVID last year, and I manage the monthly membership duties, including sending out renewal reminders and solicitations for residents to become members, and maintain the membership database.
During Covid, I received my Master Gardener certification. Now I do volunteer work at Montezuma Well in that capacity.  We are currently working on a native seed restoration garden for pollinators, and doing some gopher barriers around a large cultural garden that will be returned to use next spring.
We love to camp, travel, do art, knit, work on home gardens and projects and spend time with our kids and grandkids.  My husband is a luthier by hobby and so he likes to practice playing and restoring stringed instruments for people.  We have a rescue cat…..actually, he has us, and we really jump to meet his every need!  We even travel with him when he takes us to Rocky Point!
Since we moved here, some of our family members and dear friends have also moved here, so now we are surrounded by family, old friends and now new friends too, thanks to acquaintances made during volunteer work and classes we have taken! There is so much to do here!  We love living here!  
Heather DanielsMember at Large
Dennis KuhnMember at Large

Born in San Francisco and moved all over the San Francisco bay area, fourth generation Cali.  After graduating from San Ramon High School in1964, then onto San Rosa Junior College married and moved Seattle to attend University of Washington. Children, Matt and Michelle born in Seattle, graduated in 1969 and started work for Chevron Corp on an accelerated management program. Transferred to Phoenix as a Retail Rep in 1973, in 1975 I decided to stay put and become a Chevron Dealer, a full service station and later a convenience store. After a divorce in 1985 … then becoming a single father after earning a Master’s Degree began teaching in 1991, high school and community college retiring in 2015. In 2013, I bought a lot on Comanche Drive, hired an Architect and built my wacky house. Presently living my dreams with 3 dogs, riding, hiking, gardening, working out, model railroading, and now learning birding on the Verde River. Both children are happily married, I have three grandchildren, Luke, Liam, and Emma. Life is good.
Marian O’DonnellMember at Large
Social Activities

I moved to Cottonwood in August 2020 from Rochester, MN after retiring as a correctional nurse. My husband, Pat, and I have two adult sons and a grandson. I have always been active with volunteering with many different groups. Besides working full time, I volunteered in the elementary/middle school classrooms, served as a lunch lady for the school lunch program, chaired the school carnival, and volunteered with different church programs. My latest adventure before moving to Arizona, was the head coach to the high school mountain bike team. The team grew from 8-68 kids on the team in five years. I also volunteered at the league level whenever they needed me. I am currently volunteering as a pool monitor, help with bingo as needed, and the Friday night suppers. I was asked and accepted the Social Activities Directors position in July 2021. I look forward to meeting and working with many of you. My husband and I love to go fishing, hiking, and exploring the outdoors. In addition, I like to mountain and road bike, bake, cross stitch, and many different projects.