Meet our Board

VVPOA is made up of Volunteers.

Aislinn MaldonadoPresident
[email protected]
Aislinn, AKA “Ms. Organized” is multi-talented including public speaking, mentoring, and connecting others, all centered in faith and community. She married Daniel Maldonado in 2022, inheriting his 3 boys whom she loves dearly. When she sees chaos in people’s lives, she wants nothing more than to teach and motivate them to control it in ways that work for them. She was compelled to step up for the VVPOA leadership in March 2023 when nobody else did.  Now she can’t wait to meet you!
Jeff RaibleTreasurer
[email protected]
Jeff Raible is almost a native of Arizona as his family arrived here when he was 8 years old. He graduated from high school and college, married and raised kids, and had a career in engineering and information security in the Phoenix area. Having spent 50 summers there, he – along with his wife, Karen Saelens – moved north in 2020. They built a home on a bluff overlooking the Verde River in the Verde Village and opened a wonderful little Bed & Breakfast.  Jeff also volunteers as a docent in the ‘Train Room’ at Cottonwood’s Clemenceau Museum.
Brad SuttonVice President
[email protected]
Brad’s secret to success is “Help people in any way that you can. Take life’s challenges, follow your bliss, and have zero tolerance for anything less.” He likes to explore the country in his truck camper, snowboard and ride his electric motorcycle. He has been an inventor, pilot, businessman and lawyer. He spends summers in Colorado and winters here in the Verde Village.
[email protected]
Sarah WhiteMembership
[email protected]
Sarah White is a real estate agent by day and a VVCC Board Member by night! She brings many skills & talents with her from a variety of work experiences. Sarah was raised in the Verde Valley & her great-grandfather was an electrical engineer in the mines of Jerome. Sarah & her husband have owned their home in the Verde Villages since 2010. They have three beautiful daughters who are involved in many community activities. They spend their free time at the river, pool & anywhere in the great outdoors!
Daniel MaldonadoDirector Unit 2 As the newly promoted Transportation Dept Manager for COCSD, Daniel is looking forward to the upcoming challenges in his life. Music, movies, books, comics and the Chicago Bears round out this family life with his blushing bride and two teen boys. Loving to meet new people and being able to help those in the community, this Director of Unit 2 is looking forward to saying “Hi!” and shaking your hand. “It’s never a wrong time to do the right thing.” – Mark Twain
Cathy FoleyDirector Unit 3Born and raised in Ireland, Cathy lost her Irish accent when going to high school in Canada so as not to be teased. However back in Ireland, she is the “Yankee sister.” She spent most of her adult life in Chicago until she could not take one more winter and saw a picture of a house with Mingus Mountain in the background. She is retired from the corporate world and loves to knit, crochet, and travel. Cathey has 5 children and 4 grandchildren.
Dave HooverDirector Unit 7Music is Dave’s middle name, as he loves vinyl records, sings accompanied by his own guitar playing, and even plays in a band called “Never Too Late.” Married for 48 years, he has lived in the Verde Village for 30 of them. He enjoys his seven wonderful grandchildren.
Tia MartinezDirector Unit 8Tia arrived in the Verde Valley in 2020 from Washington state with her husband and has an extended family in Phoenix. She was raised in LA proper, and loves the Verde Valley for its hometown atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, and happy people. She enjoys jewelry making, puzzles, and is an expert thrift store shopper.
Cheryl KasdorfPublic RelationsResiding in Yavapai County since 1976, Cheryl chose Cottonwood in 1998 as a place to set up her Naturopathic Medical practice because of the people she knew here and the small-town feel. She enjoys stargazing, gardening, hiking, arts & crafts, and daily walks to the pond with her dog. These activities are a welcome break from seeing patients and guiding students through health-building courses.
Wendy McCantsSocial ActivitiesWendy, AKA “Mama Bear,” whose heart bursts open for all youth, always finds a reason to praise them. In her 35 years of faith-based ministry, she helps kids find their purpose in life and is there for them as they find it. Wendy is popular with the youth for her gatherings in which kids relate in person and get moving in outdoor activities. She provides individual sessions for those who are struggling to move forward due to trauma or crisis in conjunction with the organization “Two Hours in Freedom.”
Sylvia YostPond Special CommitteeSylvia and her husband enjoy nature and love spending time with their grandkids. They moved to Arizona in 2001 and when they saw the Verde Village pond, they fell in love and found a home near it. Sylvia wishes to do whatever she can to make sure the pond stays, so she is working towards making it water wise, healthy and beautiful.
VacantPool Special Committee
VacantMaintenance Committee
VacantNature Preserve Committee
Patti GreeneltchGrants Special CommitteePast President of VVPOA, Patti is now back to her life with family, hiking, gardening and dogs. She is passionate about advocating for the Verde Village, speaking with community leaders and attending meetings to see to our well-being.
Mal OttersonHighway Clean-up Special CommitteeWilling to do almost anything for the Verde Village community, Mal leads the highway clean-up four times a year and recycles aluminum cans faithfully. He has been involved with the VVPOA for a long, long time in many different roles.