Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

Non-profit organizations, like the Verde Village Property Owners’ Association (aka, the Verde Village Community Connection or VVCC), are required by each State to have formally documented Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

The Articles of Incorporation document tells the State (Arizona in our case) what the non-profit intends to do, according to its mission. They outline who is responsible for managing the non-profit, and record how it can be contacted. 

Bylaws, on the other hand, are internal document that describes how the non-profit organization will be run. In essence, bylaws are a set of rules that govern how, why, and when the non-profit’s board does things, both internally and externally.  Although they may be an organization’s most authoritative governing document, Bylaws are subordinate to the Articles of Incorporation.

Both the Articles and Bylaws have been amended during the course of the VVCC’s 50+ years of existence. The current Board, elected into office March 2023, has worked to clarify and simplify the Articles of Organization. Both the existing and the proposed amended/restated Articles of Incorporation are posted below.

At the July 11, 2023 General Meeting, Voting Members of the VVCC were asked to vote their support of these changes to the Articles.  The results were unanimous approval.

Next, the Board will update the Bylaws to clarify and simplify its structure. They will add details about how the organization operates. The current approved bylaws are posted below.