Verde Villages, Who Cares?…No One!

As the Verde Village Property Owners Association passes the 50-year mark, maybe it will be the last of the organization. With over 4,000 residents in the Verde Villages and less than 400 choosing to support the Association, it looks like it is time to bid farewell to an organization that was formed to give those residents a voice in for their community. Although the VVPOA does not have any governing abilities, the Association has worked closely with many local and county groups to help develop and coordinate the growth in this community.
For the last 10 years, a handful of residents have maintained the organization, making sure that the clubhouse, pool, pond, and Nature Preserve were kept in good condition for the residents that all benefits from the communal ownership of these properties. However, these members have either come to the end of their term on the VVPOA Board or are disheartened by the lack of participation by other members of the community.

As more properties are sold in the Villages and newcomers learn how very few services are offered to this part of Yavapai County, they may be amazed. With very little representation in local government, the Verde Villages will continue to decline. Residents are willing to pay sales tax that support the infrastructure of Cottonwood as well as a fire tax to support the fire departments that serve us but because the Verde Villages are in an unincorporated part of Yavapai County the taxes paid to the county are spread thinly across a huge area. This will only become more obvious in the near future when development in the Verde Valley begins to overwhelm those living on the outskirts of Cottonwood. Annexation? Incorporation? No one seems to know or care. It is time for Verde Village residents to decide what you want from your community.

Without leadership, the VVPOA board cannot function properly to fulfill the responsibilities of this community association. If nominations are not put forward by the end of this year, and no one steps forward to continue the work of the Association, then it will be time to dissolve. This will mean disposing of the properties held by the VVPOA in a legal manner and distributing the assets to the residents.

Come share your thoughts at the VVPOA General Meeting, Oct. 11 at 7pm at the VVPOA Clubhouse, 4855 E. Broken Saddle Dr. Cottonwood