Nature Preserve Information

The Nature Preserve located at the intersection of Broken Saddle Drive and Comanche Drive in Unit 5 of the Verde Villages is private property owned by the Verde Village Property Owners Association. We welcome visitors to enjoy this greenway along the Verde River. As the name implies, this property is for the preservation of the natural habitat along this section of the river. Visitors need to respect this environment and the rules that we have put in place to keep this area as a place for everyone to observe and enjoy nature.

There are a variety of species of plants and animals that are unique to the habitat along the Verde River. With the help of the Friends of the Verde River Organization, we are protecting this area from unwanted intrusion, including overnight camping, unleashed dogs, motor vehicles and large groups of people creating noise that disturbs the wildlife. With the help of a grant, we will be placing signs to reinforce our rules and to educate people about this area. We have a volunteer group that helps maintain trails and create spaces for observation. If you would like to volunteer, please email us at [email protected]

Please be aware, if you are observed breaking the rules of this preserve, you will be reported to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office and be prohibited from visiting the Nature Preserve in the future.


  1. Leave nothing behind. All trash must be taken out when you leave.
  2. All dogs must be leashed. Dogs may not harass any wildlife.
  3. Keep noise to a minimum as to not disturb wildlife or other visitors.
  4. No weapons of any kind. No guns, including paintball or BB.
  5. No fires.
  6. No camping of any kind.
  7. No motor vehicles.
  8. Do not take or leave any plant material.
  9. Be respectful
  10. Enjoy nature.